Where and How to Meet Single Guys in Their 40s: Ultimate List

Where and How to Meet Single Guys in Their 40s: Ultimate List

If nothing else you’ll get a vacation out of the deal and probably make a friend. Rotary, The Sierra Club, and religious groups are just some of the places where you can meet other singles. Even if Mr. or Ms. Right isn’t in the group you go to remember that someone may know the perfect person. Imagine getting your degree and finding a mate at the same time. It’s a great way to meet people who are striving to improve themselves and who you already share an interest with. According to AARP, 41% of today’s internet users are 55 and older. You don’t have to use a dating site (though I know many people uber horney who have been successful at it).

  • I’m scared of being a single mom,I’m nervous about living alone, I’m afraid I won’t be able to live a normal life without him.
  • As we get older, our ability to shrug off other people’s opinions increases, making our 40s prime time for reinvention.
  • So, I couldn’t stay like that, in quite that form, but the love would remain, in a new blended way.
  • Of course, how you treat your children during the process has a lot to do with it.

One thing that really helped was that he was always very involved with sports and music in high school. He was a state champion distance runner in several events, and also was a swimmer and in the Chamber Choir. That’s a lot of practice and activity hours that he was not thinking about the divorce! He definitely worked out some of his anxiety, anger and sadness on the track or in the pool or singing with his school choir. If divorce is going to happen in spite of our best efforts, kids in families where the parents are in their 40s may be in the hardest stage of all. Older kids may already be more independent and more likely to be on their own. Worst of all, even though we don’t change our eating habits, we start gaining a little weight, and I just felt frumpy.

In fact, one out of every four people going through a divorce would consider seeking professional help from a therapist. Debby said they have a friendly relationship, live near each other in Manhattan, and get together with family but the marriage was always more a practical arrangement rather than a romantic union. If they were friends, she says, they would have remained married, but they were more like roommates. Debby feels they were never really suited to each other, and if she has one regret it is that she didn’t divorce earlier. Despite my journey, I am now finding that starting over after divorce at 45 as a mother is not as bad as I thought. I may not be a mom who provides her children with a classic family experience —but who does anymore?

Over time, divorce has been more accepted by most people. Retirement is supposed to be a time of great happiness but for many people, it is also a loss of identity that can lead to depression. Couple that with the fact that spouses who have spent limited time with each other over the years now find themselves with way too much time together. In its own way, retirement can actually add stress to a marriage if a couple does not continue to define their own separate existence to a healthy degree. One of the most commonly cited reasons is that one spouse wants freedom. It could be to pursue their own interest or to finally enjoy their own independence in the remaining years of their lives.

Important Truths About Divorce After a Lengthy Marriage

If you are ready to look for a new relationship right now, take your time with it. You can start online dating, or try the old-fashioned way. Let your friends know so they can set you up on blind dates. You may just meet someone on one of your trips or in one of your classes and activities. People, after a certain point in their life, start to believe that the person they are at the moment is all they will ever be. But the truth is that nothing is set in stone and people evolve all the time. You may have been a closed-off accountant with no social life and afraid of anything past the routine. Keep your focus on the breath and whenever your thoughts start straying away from your breath, gently go back to it.

This is another thing to work through with a therapist. Be willing to take new risks or your attempts to make new friends are over before you start. Address the issues that have you pushing people away or finding fault in others. Go to a therapist and work through these issues with someone who is trained to help people. At first this will feel strange, and your levels of loneliness may increase.


The reality is, losing a marriage is like grieving a death but the person is still standing right there in front of you. You have to realize that part of the process is choosing to be alone for a time. For me, rushing into a new relationship would have only masked the pain and been a short-term fix. The grief would still be there, just waiting to find a way to show itself and that would hardly be fair to someone new in my life. Relationships require vulnerability; when your heart has been shattered, it’s that much harder to open it up to someone new. ” Our wedding was not typical, so it was fitting that our divorce would not be either. Divorce rates in the United States are declining—except for people over 50.

She met her ex-husband as a 16-year-old and married at 19. Debby is now 71 with two children and four grandsons. CJ is an emergency trauma nurse who married at the age of 21 and went on to have two daughters. Her marriage lasted 34 years until her divorce was finalized in 2019. CJ’s husband physically and psychologically abused their daughter, who finally disclosed the truth to her mother. The circumstances were difficult as her Ex was a police officer and she had to counter his angry threats by appealing to the Sheriff’s Office. Their friendship circle included police officers who all stuck by her husband. On the positive side, I don’t feel financially insecure like I did in my marriage.

But if you’re open to other arrangements and loosen your expectations, you might just find love. The women I’ve helped find love often start their lists with superficial features like how tall he is, what color hair he has, how fit he is. But after a while, they realize that what’s really important is the kind of person he is. Keep qualities like these in mind when building your list. And sure, go crazy with the physical details if you want. I doubt many 20-year-olds have serious lists about what they want in a partner beyond maybe being cute and a good job.