Are People Tired of Working From Home or Tired of Working in a Pandemic?

Are People Tired of Working From Home or Tired of Working in a Pandemic?

Even though the majority want flexibility in choosing when and where they work, a growing part of the workforce doesn’t want to work from home at all in the future. Working from home during COVID has presented new challenges that may not have impacted remote workers before, she says. In addition to health concerns and return-to-school uncertainty, social and political circumstances and economic challenges — including furloughs and pay cuts — are an additional strain. Loic is a freelance Productivity writer at MakeUseOf and a lifelong learner. He has been writing about technology since 2016 after leaving his job as a Social Media Consultant.

working from home fatigue

You could also make time to walk the dogs – this could be helpful to fix a daily schedule since your pets will get used to the routine and force you out of your chair. This could be a quick 10 or 15-minute walk during the day or in the evening, after you’re done with work. Studies have shown that even a short walk can help you feel a little more energised and fresher at work. Some call it burnout, others call it ‘languishing’, which means you’re spent but not quite empty. But exhaustion by any other name is just as tiring, so it’s best to acknowledge what you’re feeling and consider reaching out for help or at least to talk to someone about it. It’s been a year of mandatory work-from-home and a year of going in and out of lockdown, so if you wake up feeling like you’re in an exhausting loop, it’s okay because others are probably feeling the same.

You Are Getting Too Much or Not Enough Sleep

Finding harmony will reduce remote work fatigue and lead to longer-term success in this new remote world. Free from office distractions and interruptions, remote workers tend to be more focused and productive. However, when completing higher quantities of work, employees can also get sick of these duties much faster. Work from home burnout can be a result of boredom from doing repetitive tasks. This possibility is especially likely when the employee performs a single function on a loop all day. In offices, interacting with coworkers can break up the monotony.

working from home fatigue

Work-from-home burnout and Zoom fatigue are much more complex than they appear. You need to implement a wholesale strategic shift to reframe your company culture and policies from the “emergency mode” of working from home to remote work being the new normal. Angela has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and worked as a community manager with Yelp to remote working fatigue plan events for businesses. To overcome fatigue and burnout, add new elements into your typical procedure. For example, offer to help another department, ask to learn a new skill, or take on a special project. Easy options include visiting a nearby cafe, getting a day pass in a coworking space, renting a hotel room, or swapping home offices with a friend.

How to Overcome Mental Fatigue in a Remote Work Environment

Sometimes, it is not the screen itself that makes you feel sluggish, but rather feeling stuck indoors. Non-work socialization can improve your mood and make the workday feel less lonely. Beyond the essentials, you can also add extras that elevate your home office space. For instance, pedal bikes to promote physical activity or standing desks to help with alertness. Having nutritious snacks and a large water bottle within reach can encourage healthy habits and prevent detours, as well as make you feel physically better. These techniques are a type of employee morale boost, and fall into the category of remote team engagement ideas.

  • While there are many benefits to remote work, working from home can be hard.
  • Regular tasks taking longer to complete, with less achieved at the end of each day, alongside frequent distractions and needing more regular breaks are all Zoom fatigue symptoms that are easy to miss.
  • What’s more, these differences can contribute to Zoom fatigue.
  • But unless you are a television personality, it turns out being online constantly is exhausting.

Since then, he has written about everything from productivity tips to social media strategies and essential life hacks. When he’s not writing or testing out new technology, Loic enjoys playing video games and exploring new places. It is frustrating to go to bed tired and to wake up with even less energy. When you feel weary for a prolonged period, you might start finding it hard to focus, make more mistakes than usual, be less productive, struggle to make decisions, etc. Office culture led to a lot of socializing with people that you may not otherwise have, other than the proximity. It’s funny that NSFW didn’t also blend into forced socializing.

What Is Burnout?

You nod with points you agree with, and when it’s your turn to speak, you do so with a smile. Other than the computer screen in front of you, this all feels like an ordinary meeting. Encourage employees to agree with partners and children about schedules, quiet spaces, homework time, and when it’s okay to interrupt.

Remote work burnout statistics will be with workers and employers alike for some time. 28% of those surveyed felt better health insurance and increase paid time off were the best ways to support them. A survey by flex jobs found that56%of respondents believe the best way to support them is to allow more flexibility during their workday. When the pandemic hit, it made an already stressful life even more difficult.